Ads of the week: 8 May

Who’s it for: Speight’s by DDB

Why we like it: This ad goes somewhere Speight’s ads have never gone before – to the dance floor. However, the theme of friendship that the brand is known for is still apparent with the bunch of workmates helping out their pal in his time of need. A true Kiwi ad with plenty of laughs, you might find a tear in the eye when the groom impresses his bride with their wedding night dance.

Who’s it for: Southern Cross Travel Insurance by True

Why we like it: Making us feel both excited and jealous, the ad showcases many of the exciting adventures possible around the globe. While we all know you need travel insurance, Southern Cross have tapped into the attitude of focusing on what makes a holiday awesome instead of what could go wrong, which is much more welcomed.

Who’s it for: Tourism New Zealand by Augusto

Why we like it: A travesty has been revealed – New Zealand is being left off world maps! The great pairing of comedian Rhys Darby and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern brings both humour and seriousness to the campaign. It has gone viral here and internationally, including being the subject of an article by The New York Times.

Who’s it for: Flooring Xtra by Y&R

Why we like it: Bursts of colour, retro themes and stylish settings make this ad a delight to watch. While the floor might not be the average Kiwi’s first thought when undertaking interior design in their home, this ad might be the one to change their mind.

Who’s it for: I Love Ugly by its in-house team

Why we like it: Feeling unmotivated? How about a kid lecturing you on why you’re not reaching your dreams? The children featured in the three videos are sassy and not afraid to hit you where it hurts. While it is a little amusing to be lectured by a pint-sized Plato, the ad may get you thinking where you could do a bit of self-improvement.

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