Ads of the Week: 6 June

Who’s it for: Adidas Rugby by Augusto

Why we like it: The much anticipated Lions tour kicked off this long weekend with a narrow win for the visiting side in Whangarei. Having launched its ‘Next Is Everything’ campaign last month, Adidas Rugby has ditched its surreal and hyperactive bursts of colour for a first-hand gameday experience from the tour bus to the pitch. It provides a unique perspective of New Zealand’s players through the eyes of the opposing team and continues the dynamism of the ‘Next is Everything’ campaign with a different type of sensory overload. However, the ad certainly seems to expose its Kiwi biases, with the Lions player at the centre of it all seeming to get quite the pummeling.

Who’s it for: Mazda NZ by 99

Why we like it: Mazda is on a mission to put the utility back in ute, and who better to do that than comedian Jesse Griffin and Outrageous Fortune actor Tammy Davis? Picking up a woman in need, a ‘cute’ German tourist, a mariachi band and a dog seems very fitting of the two and while their passengers never get a word in the edgeways, Griffin and Davis’ banter keeps the ad moving from one pickup to the next. Seeing Griffin and Davis cry over the woman’s broken relationship reminds us of a Toyota Hilux campaign released earlier this year, in which two men go for a drive in the vehicle to help them get through a rough patch emotionally. On another note, is it just us, or is there something rather abnormal about the look that dog?

Who’s it for: BurgerFuel by BurgerFuel

Why we like it: BurgerFuel is taking over “the motherf*cking USA”, and as part of its multi-pronged campaign, which involves personalised postcards and crowdsourced videos, its in-house team has released a video announcing its intentions to make America great again. We applaud the man at the centre of it all for impressively weaving between characters such as shouty American football player, purple-capped BurgerFuel employee and its Smack & Cheese-inspired Pablo Escobar.

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