Ads of the week: 6 August

Who’s it for: Volkswagen New Zealand by DDB

Why we like it: This is one for all the younger siblings out there who suffered through years of hand-me-downs, harassment and not being old enough to do what your cool older brother was doing. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and while it may not be a Volkswagen car for everyone, the sentiment is clear – all will be ok.

Who’s it for: Quitline New Zealand by YoungShand

Why we like it: Definitely got the tear ducts flowing in our office. Second-hand smoke is as harmful to your pets as it is for humans and this ad is a brilliant illustration of the love pets have for us and how we must ‘lead’ them better. Nice work Quitline. 

Who’s it for: Kiwibank NZ

Why we like it: Nothing is as mind-numbingly boring than hearing about a colleague’s food allergies day after day and Kiwibank has nailed this on the head with its 15-second spot. Here’s to Susan keeping it to herself or at the very least sharing some interesting gossip. 

Who’s it for: WorkSafe by FCB

Why we like it: Similar to the previous iteration, while this ad is definitely humourous the message behind it is extremely important. Speaking up is so necessary no matter how it’s done and hopefully, this campaign will continue to encourage people to be one of the ‘safe guys’. 

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