Ads of the Week: 28 March

Who’s it for: TSB Bank by Special Group

Why we like it: New Zealand’s surf lifesavers dedicate their summers to looking after swimmers, so it’s good to see one of their supporters taking the time to recognise and get to know them. There may be a visible difference in Bill and Trinity’s age, but their reasons for wanting to get up early and train are still the same. Summer’s nearly over, but this spot reminds us that the surf lifesavers will continue to give it their all throughout winter, so come summer, they’re ready to jump in and save those in strife.

Who’s it for: New Zealand Fire Service by FCB

Why we like it: It’s easy to think a house fire will never happen to you, but this campaign proves otherwise. Not only does it show users what a house fire looks like, it shows how easy it can start and how hard it is to escape. Cameras ended up melting during the filming process in an effort to get users up close to a fire, and with 120,000 VR users and viewers who have contributed to the 10 million views so far, we hope it’s served as the wake-up call the Fire Service have long been hoping to get across.

Who’s it for: Hyundai NZ by Shine

Why we like it: After introducing Paddon’s Pack with a rip-roaring journey around the world, Hyundai shift their focus to the driver’s younger fans who, although not quite ready to drive, love the sport. Audiences young and old can appreciate the young boy’s cardboard creation and excitement about getting in the car with Hayden Paddon.

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