Ads of the Week: 27 November

Who’s it for:  Auckland Transport by Ogilvy

Why we like it: It is no secret that New Zealand has a problem with its road toll, and this ad is a timely reminder of the very real cost of death on our roads. The cinema is the perfect example of a random selection of people, making this ad effective and hard-hitting.

Who’s it for:  Stirling Sports by Motion Sickness

Why we like it: It can be difficult to feel inspired by elite athletes prancing around in sportswear, so Stirling Sport has gone down a different route with its latest campaign. Not only does this ad celebrate the diversity of the New Zealanders taking part in sport, but it also celebrates the huge range of sports out there, which is a lovely touch. 

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand

Why we like it: For a lot of people, catching a domestic flight is just another day, so it is easy to forget that many New Zealand children have never been on a plane. It’s heartwarming to see Kiwi kids being taken on an adventure to learn more about this country’s history and to learn more about how the Airpoints For Schools initiative works. 

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