Ads of the Week: 27 February

Who’s it for: Good Health by Hello

Why we like it: Having made a name for themselves on the field as local sports stars, it’s good to see Richie and Gemma sharing playful banter like the rest of us would. Richie, in particular, is no stranger to endorsing brands and has done so for Adidas and Beats By Dre, as well as local brands like Fonterra. Now, he can share the influencer status with his wife. Both have a strong social following—512,437 followers on Richie’s Facebook and 70,700 followers on Gemma’s Instagram—and Good Health has been clever to harness that.

Who’s it for: Hell Pizza by Nick White and Logan McMillan with Snorkel Productions

Why we like it: Not many brands would be brave enough to take out Winston Peters and Donald Trump with electric bikes but Hell Pizza is. The daring ad promotes the fast food chain’s new fleet of delivery e-Bikes across the country and as it would appear, those bikes are up to any challenge that may stand in the way of getting pizza to the customer while it’s still hot. And while we’re not sure ripped denim vests and bandanas typically shout e-Bike, it’s good to see Hell Pizza remaining true to its brand.

Who’s it for: 2degress by DDB

Why we like it: In a clever link between a telco and rugby, 2degrees is celebrating its sponsorship of the local Super Rugby teams by pointing out how much we talk about rugby. The ad takes a look at all the #SuperRugby commentary across social media and in doing so, takes a look at all the Super Rugby news since last year’s tournament, including a new Chief’s chief and the Hurricanes working on their dabbing. We wonder what will get rugby fans tweeting and talking this season.

Who’s it for: Huckleberry by Rainger & Rolfe

Why we like it: It’s not often a carrot stops us in our tracks but this spot had us entertained. Kinky, chunky, sassy and stubby are the descriptors used to describe the carrots that don’t fit the slim, straight carrots we are used to. It’s a delightful ad and before one could think Huckleberry is making fun of the different shapes, it reminds us that it’s what’s inside that counts.

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