Ads of the week: 18 October

Who’s it for: Ford by TVNZ Blacksand

Why we like it: Cute animals are not a typical feature in a car ad considering many hope to appeal to the petrol head, but their inclusion helps this ad appeal to a wide scope of the market. As well as the animals, the All Blacks make this an entertaining watch even if they don’t have the best taste in music. And, by setting the spot around a challenge, the Sync 3 technology can be seen in use so Kiwis can get an understanding of how it works and how it can be helpful to them.

Who’s it for: Lotto by DDB and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: This spot is the perfect combination of emotional story and stunning imagery. The oscilation between past and present allows for a story spanning decades to be told in 90 seconds and takes viewers on a journey of sadness and happiness. And while Lotto could have shown a story of extravagance and wealth, the final shots of the siblings smiling over the found treasure instead champions the idea of generosity and what the mother was able to do for her children from beyond the grave.

Who’s it for: ANZ by TBWA and Plaza Films

Why we like it: Tap and go style payment methods are nothing new, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting that after watching this dramatic spot. Everyone stops and even dogs and birds quiver when the boy pulls out his iPhone, as if paying for the milk without his card is unimaginable. It makes the ad feel like something major is about to happen, but instead everything concludes with a somewhat underwhelming beep.  

Who’s it for: Pak ‘n Save by FCB

Why we like it: There’s always a (very slim) bit of room for Stick Man in the Ads of the Week. The character has given the FCB team the freedom to roll out a steady stream of quirky ads over the last few years, and the latest effort doesn’t disappoint, with New Zealand’s version of Slender Man renaming Kiwi cities with culinary puns. This campaign also gets bonus points for its clever collaboration with Metservice.  

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