How to rid your marketing department of buzzwords

Want to generate ROI on your team’s lack of originality? The Marketing Buzzword Jar is being promoted as the perfect addition to marketing departments.

The jar works like a swear jar, except money is to be put in whenever a marketing buzzword is used. And as well as marketing departments, it’s also a solution for ad agencies, start-ups, innovative companies, board room meetings and Silicon Valley. 

To ensure no marketing buzzwords slip through the cracks, the jar comes with a list of over 500 words, while the website features a search tool to identify whether or not a word is worthy of adding money to the jar.

Influencer, futurist, millennial, optimise, wearables, data miner, and both artisan and artisanal all make the list.

The jar is the creation of Whit Hiler, a creative director at the Kentucky agency Cornett, who has priced it at $19.99. And while the real deal comes with over 200 free Ted Talks, which it also points out are available on YouTube, if you want to make it yourself it will cost the price of a jar, a sticker and a vivid.

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