Ads of the Week: 14 February

Who’s it for: Super Rugby by Sugar & Partners

Why we like it: While New Zealand’s rugby stars may not have the rhythmic gifts of Parris Goebel and her crew, it’s entertaining to see the boys shake it off to upbeat music and bright lights. The dancers may not have worked so well for NZ Post—with its ad taking out the title of Fair Go’s worst ad of the year—but their return to the screen in a second Super Rugby campaign suggests the brand is onto a winner.

Who’s it for: ANZ by TBWA Melbourne and Auckland

Why we like it: ANZ has a strong history of supporting the community over the years—with its ‘GAYTM’ and sponsorship of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and Auckland Pride Festival—but this ad takes a fresh approach and hits the viewer right in the feels with an important  message that stretches well beyond sexual orientation. 

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by its in-house creative team

Why we like it: Air New Zealand strays away from the usual Valentine’s Day narrative and shows that love isn’t always romantic in a spot about reuniting friends separated by oceans. It’s a powerful reminder that rather than just being huge lumps of metal travelling through the sky, aeroplanes are also connectors, bringing people separated by massive distances nearer together. It’s a message that says a lot more about love than the usual cliche of a bunch of roses and a box of heart chocolates.        

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