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Insurance is usually a very low involvement category; a grudge purchase if ever there was one (although it’s become a very high involvement category for some in Christchurch, and not in a good way). As a result, the service it offers is often taken for granted until it’s needed. So, perhaps rather bravely given the current feelings towards the industry, AA Insurance has decided it’s time to promote the positives of its service with a big multi-media campaign by its new agency Special Group that spans TV, digital, DR, outdoor and radio. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhrF_unlidwSpecial Group won the AA Insurance business, alongside direct and digital agency Twenty, back in March, and this is its first major work for “New Zealand’s most trusted insurer” after an extensive brand research and review project.

The campaign launched on Sunday night with a 90 second TVC directed by Special Problems’ Joel Kefali and Cam Hooper through The Sweet Shop that, as a release says, features “a world of wrongs put right, from the small to the large, the important to the downright annoying. It embodies what insurance is there for: putting things right.”

“This campaign brings to life the fact we genuinely care to get things sorted for our customers,” says Richard Park, head of marketing for AA Insurance. “It’s the result of talking to our customers to find out how insurance is important to them, and how AA Insurance has come through when they’ve needed us most.” 

Since posting the YouTube clip there have already been a couple of Christchurch-related comments and, like State’s ‘Break My Stride’ campaign, there will be some for whom this ad just focuses more attention on how their affairs haven’t been sorted out (an advocacy service to help Christchurch residents deal with their insurers is thought to be in the process of being set up). 

Hilary Cootes, Special Group’s general manager says: “AA Insurance is an outstanding organisation: smart, forward thinking and genuinely nice to work with. This is the first part of what we believe will be a hugely successful campaign for them.”


AA Insurance –

Head of Marketing – Richard Park

Brand & Communications Manager – Melodie Vickars

Marketing Representative – Andrew Davidson

Brand & Sponsorship Specialist – Joshua Thomson

Special Group –

General Manager – Hilary Cootes
Creative Director – Rob Jack
Creative Director – Tony Bradbourne
Account Manager – Nicola Winslade
Creative – Kim Fraser
Creative – Oriel Davis-Lyons
Creative – Richard Maddocks
Head of Production: Nigel Sutton
Agency Producer: Mahsa Willis

Company: The Sweet Shop – Special Problems –

Director – Special Problems (Cam
Hooper and Joel Kefali)
Producer – Larisa Tiffin
Director of Photography – Cam Hooper, Andrew Stroud, Crighton Bone and Ari
Editor – Cam Hooper and Julian Currin
Post Production – Special Problems
Audio – Franklin Road
Music – Peter van der Fluit / Liquid Studios

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