85 seconds of love, created with 63,103,983 seconds of video

Last year, Getty Images and its Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO released a commercial called 'From Love to Bingo', a collection of stock imagery that told a love story and clocked up almost three million views on The Yoob. And the pairing have continued on a similar path with their latest effort, '85 seconds'. 

Says the blurb:

'85 seconds' is the story of a couple that meets in their childhood, separate when teenagers and meet again when adults. Each one's life possibilities and the meeting are told in a minute and a half, only with a sound track, no dialogues. From beginning to end, a counter shows the seconds of the film. In the end, it accelerates until it reaches the total Getty Images videos, but in time: 63,103,983 seconds. The campaign concept signs the film: 63 million seconds of videos. Infinite possibilities."

An impressive use of stock footage, no doubt. But Darwin Deez still holds the crown for that in his video 'You can't be my girl'.  


Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil
General Creative Director: Marcello Serpa, Luiz Sanches

Creative Director: André Kassu, Marcos Medeiros, Renato Simões e Bruno Prosperi

Creation: Marcos Kotlhar, Sophie Schoenburg

Agency Producer: Vera Jacinto, Rafael Motta, Charles Nobili

Production Company: ZOLA

Director: João Simi e Marcos Kotlhar

Head of Art: Gustavo Vockos

Research: Marcos Kotlhar, João Simi, Procuradoria de Filmes, Beto Araújo, Sacha Bastos, Gustavo Vockos

Motion: Marcos Kotlhar, João Simi, Daniel Lemos, Rafael França

Music: Satélite

Music Producer: Kito Siqueira, Roberto Coelho

Editor: Beto Araújo e Sacha Bastos

Executive Producer: Jimmy Palma

Post Production: CLAN vfx

Project Manager: Markinhos Fagundes, Claudio Costa

Production: Amelinha Lobo, Pedro Bueno

Account Supervisor: Cristina Chacon, Tássia Massumi Nishida

Media: Paulo Camossa, Patricia Moreton

Advertiser's Supervisor: Renata Simões



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