And the VR craze continues

There’s been another big step towards virtual realty as Getty Images and 360Cities partner to make 360-degree photographs of the moon, and beautiful locations on earth accessible to customers while  McDonald’s happy meals gets a VR makeover in Sweden.

Taking advantage of fast-growing virtual reality technology, Getty Images will host and distribute interactive images from 360Cities, a photo database used by expert panorama photographers, including thousands of images from around the world.

(sorry for the teaser, we couldn’t embed it the image, but click the link below to see the real one)

Customers will have access to 360-degree views of the Great Wall of China, underwater scenes line the Atlantic Princess wreck in the Dominican Republic, the surface of the moon and many others from 360Cities’ 10,000 producers.

360Cities chief executive Bruce Pales said in a release there has been an increase in demand for 360-degree images in the last couple of years and the partnership will allow its members to reach a customer base wider than before.

Getty Images vice president editorial at Hugh Pinney added that the partnership will enable the mainstream to have access to 360 degree imagery and immersive experiences.

“With Getty Images’ team of news, sport and entertainment photographers already capturing 360-degree content as part of our unrivalled coverage, the future of virtual reality is bright.”

Further expanding accessibility to immersive media is McDonald’s Sweden. In a new campaign with DDB Stockholm, the fast-food chain is asking customers ‘would you like virtual reality with that’?

The humble happy meal box features a built in template for ‘Happy Goggle’s which, when assembled, resemble Google Cardboard.

McDonald’s has also created a ski-themed VR game to be used with it, Sweden gears up for ‘Sportlov’, a recreational holiday during which many families go skiing.

The VR lenses are included, but kids will have to borrow their parents’ smartphone. Although, kids are getting hold of them younger and younger these days.

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