Year in Review: Jeremy O’Brien, TVNZ

In keeping with an ongoing tradition, a few industry players gave us their take on the year for our annual opinion harvest. Here’s what Jeremy O’Brien, head of sales and marketing at TVNZ, had to say about 2014.​

1.  Favourite local campaign that isn’t yours

I like all local campaigns, especially from our valued clients at TVNZ. 

2. Favourite campaign that is yours

‘Anything for Family’, the teaser to the biggest new local programming for 2015, Our First Home. Full of heart, hope and everything that is great about Kiwis and the Kiwi way of life.

3. Favourite international campaign

ALDI Australia: Specially Selected for the Perfect Aussie Christmas. Just a fun piece of story-telling. I like a bit of humour at this time of year.

4. Least favourite campaign

Anything that is based on comparative advertising and putting the ‘other guys’ down. If you can’t find something good and positive to say about why someone should buy your product or service, get a better product or service or don’t say anything at all.

5. Your own biggest success

Another 12 months in this dynamically changing and exciting industry. I wouldn’t swap places with anyone. 

6. Favourite magazine/website/TV show/radio show/podcast/news service/app/song/other

Pretty tough to go past TVNZ OnDemand, winner of the NetGuide people’s choice for the second year running and with more content than ever before first and fast it will continue to deliver more of what viewers want, when they want it.

7. Most ridiculous buzzword

Trans-media. WTF? It seems that anyone who wants to be seen by the industry as a thought leader is adopting or inventing a new catch phrase. Call it what it is people. Well-informed channel planning for today’s evolving media world.

8. Best innovation

3D printers. Making Santa’s job a lot easier this year. Make to order and no need for Boxing Day clearance sales for over-ordered stock.

9. Most over-hyped ‘innovation’

The Hendo HoverBoard. Look at this thing. Costs US$10,000 and lasts 15 minutes before it needs to be re-charged. I’m picking it’ll be a popular form of transport for Google Glass wearers.

10. Best brands

The ones that are embracing the ‘always on’ world while not forgetting to do the basics right, such as making sure enough people know about who they are, what they stand for and how to buy from them. Best kept secrets don’t tend to deliver sustained business returns or build great brands.

11. Best stoush

The pay TV market. Yet to be played out in full but building momentum nicely with the likes of Sky, Coliseum, Lightbox and Netflix.

12. Heroes

Colin Slade. Can’t wait to see the movie after he propels us to Rugby World Cup glory next year.

13. Villains

Video match officials. All that technology and still they get it wrong.

14. Predictions for 2015

People will continue to be captivated by great story telling, watch more, for longer, in more places and on more devices. Content will continue to be king and those who produce, provide and make it easy to access the best content will be more popular with New Zealanders than those that don’t.

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