The lost art of Innervation

In a world where consumers have more contact with brands than ever before, and across an increasing number of touch points, how can marketers ensure their brand experience is consistent online, offline and everywhere in between? At Woods The Creative Agency, the answer lies in a simple concept called ‘innervation’. 

Kiwis often make the mistake of building brands from the outside in, hoping a slick external strategy will miraculously filter throughout the organisation to unite staff and behaviour. But without true internal values alignment, the brand will be built on shaky ground. 

Buy-in = pay-off

It’s often when a business goes through a major transitional phase following the acquisition of new business units that internal culture really becomes an issue. There are two main approaches: either assimilate new staff into the existing culture, or involve them in developing a whole new one.

Horizon Energy came to Woods with a similar challenge after acquiring four additional businesses and doubling its workforce to over 300 employees nationwide. By including all staff in the process it allowed them to take ownership of the internal culture that, in turn, drove the way the company operates and how customers experience the brand. 

Ask others

When Farmer Jones wanted to reposition its retail butchery business to better reflect the quality of product and service it provided, Woods undertook market research to determine who bought meat, what their frustrations were, and how the team could assist. The results revealed females were a significant demographic and identified key stress points including cut selection and a reluctance to touch meat. Using those insights Woods was able to help redesign the entire customer experience. 

The resulting brand focused on eliminating negative stigmas around raw, bloody meat while making the experience more personable. The shop’s interior was revamped to create a warmer, more satisfying in-store experience, helping Farmer Jones win numerous national awards for its customer focused approach
to butchery.

Don’t just talk about it

Woods Creative understands substance is just as important as style, and that team culture goes beyond ‘values’ or ‘vision statements’. Woods has invested in the professional development of staff, providing gym memberships, healthy fruit, and monthly team social events, among other benefits. 

Beyond everyday behaviour, for Woods it’s about competing at a national level, while staying true to its roots as the Bay of Plenty’s leading creative agency. It’s being selective about clients – ensuring they share common values and beliefs. It’s also about helping to create initiatives like the Young Innovator Awards, a competition that encourages creative thinking amongst Western Bay of Plenty youth.

To find out how Woods can help your company achieve greater results through world-class strategy, creative and design, contact director Reuben Woods on 07 575 5588 ext. 2002.

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