Ads of the week: March 31

Covid, Covid and Skinny mobile. This week’s ads are all about staying safe and connected.

Who is it for: Wrestler for New Zealand Police

Why we like it: If there is one thing Kiwis know how to do, it’s how to make light of a bad situation. As the country is currently in lockdown, Wrestler and NZP are encouraging Kiwi’s to follow our governments key messages through a series of safety videos. While reinforcing safety, it is refreshing to see typical kiwi humour throughout the ads that are bound to cause a few chuckles.

Who is it for: TBWA for 2degrees

Why we like it: Now has never been a more important time to stay connected with friends and family. TBWA and 2degrees’ ‘Together We Cam’ allows Kiwis to contact loved ones while self isolating by connecting through FaceTime. The ad is simple yet effective, with 2degrees voice actor Pax explaining the platform while in a chat camera to maintain social distance.

Who is it for: Colenso BBDO for Skinny

Why we like it: Taking a unique approach, Colenso BBDO have created an extremely targeted advert where the same situation is seperatley acted out by 46 different actors. The Skinny ‘Friendvertising’ campaign is based around customers recommending the telco provider to friends and family and what better way to enforce this than to show 46 people of different ages, cultures and gender who can target each audience.

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