Ads of the week: February 5

This week’s ads involve chickens, carpet and cringeworthy tourist snaps.

Who is it for: Tom Davies and Lee Stapleton (Thundercock) for Goju

Why we like it: When an ad involves chickens (even better, when it’s the Creative/Strategist’s Dad’s chickens), you know it’s going to be entertaining. We liked the short and snappy 6-second spots, and are now #influenced to follow through with our 2021 health resolutions. Not until after the long weekend though…

Who is it for: Yarn for 100% Pure New Zealand

Why we like it: We’ve all cringed at those “hot dog legs” and “hot tub back shot” snaps clogging up our Instagram feeds, and quite frankly, we’re over it. So it was a breath of fresh air to see 100% Pure New Zealand taking the piss out of the “Summit Spreadeagle” pose frequently spotted on Roys Peak. The best part? 100% Pure New Zealand will be selecting 10 creative Kiwis to be rewarded with $500 domestic travel vouchers.

Who is it for: Digital Masters for Carpet Mill

Why we like it: There really is no better feeling than soft carpet and after spending most of 2020 stuck at home, this couldn’t have come at a better time. We particularly like the man playing mini golf in his dressing gown with his headphones on.

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