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The Year in Review: James Moore

With the big shoots few and far between these days, it’s pretty tough out there in production land at present. But there’s still no denying the power of the visual medium to get a message across and, whether it be Mammoth Dips, Whittaker’s ‘Swear by the Slab’, or Sky’s ‘Do Nothing’, Flying Fish managed to churn out plenty of stellar work last year. Executive producer James Moore pipes up on 2011. 

The sublime and the ridiculous

Who’s it for: Toyota Hilux by Saatchi & Saatchi and Thick as Thieves.

Why we like it: Advertising is, by nature, hyperbolic. But this rather surreal spot for the new Hilux takes that hyperbole to another, absurd but entertaining level. It already appears to have split the commentators …