The Year in Review: James Moore

With the big shoots few and far between these days, it’s pretty tough out there in production land at present. But there’s still no denying the power of the visual medium to get a message across and, whether it be Mammoth Dips, Whittaker’s ‘Swear by the Slab’, or Sky’s ‘Do Nothing’, Flying Fish managed to churn out plenty of stellar work last year. Executive producer James Moore pipes up on 2011. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours: Youtube VideoYoutube VideoHas to be Ghost Chips. Beautifully written, great cast and execution. A close second would be SBW Match Fit for Sky. Big call, but potentially the best performance from a sportsman of all time?

2) Favourite campaign that is yours: Youtube VideoWade Shotter’s Orcon Genius. It’s practically retail but loved hearing the client feedback. They had to hire 25 new staff to handle the demand at the call centre once the ads went to air.

3) Least favourite campaign: Youtube VideoShit, I have to be careful here. Parmco.

4) Best brand: Probably SKY. Leaf Blower and the SBW Match Fit were/are brilliant.

5) Best stoush: There’s always a good telco battle. Not sure they really went toe to toe this year though. Can I pass?

6) Heroes: Leon McDonald.

7) Villains: The French.

8) Most memorable marketing moment: The decision to lease 230 Ponsonby Rd. See you there this year.

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