Eat my pants: Havoc and Holt create chaos in the kitchen for the Parmco Challenge

Youtube VideoWhen a kitchen appliance brand launches an advertising campaign with the title ‘Rambo’s Undies’ starring Mikey Havoc and Hayley Holt you know you won’t be getting a standard appliance ad with the obligatory mud-stained children’s clothing. And that’s exactly what Kiwi owned appliance brand Parmco wanted when they signed off on the Parmco Challenge.

Youtube Video“With a huge number of appliance brands in the market we wanted a campaign that stands out and entertains.  The Parmco Challenge does this whilst demonstrating our products in a unique and entertaining way,” explains Parmco’s Roger Battersby.

In the first epic episode, Holt knows her Parmco washing machine can handle her snowboarding socks and television pants, but can it withstand the ultimate test: Mikey Havoc’s man-panties after enduring the rigours of Rambos 1 through 3?  And the hideous twist… will his dude-smugglers pass the taste test? Warning, viewers with sensitive stomachs may find this disturbing.

Five episodes have been shot and will be rolled out online over the next two months. Campaign director Mike Reihana expands on the concept. “It’s like Top Gear meets the Peter Jackson classic ‘Bad Taste’ – we take kitchen appliances put them into some surreal settings, use extreme hyperbole, and throw in loads of guns and grenades to show how good the Parmco gear is. It was a blast to make – both literally and figuratively.”

Lead ‘product demonstrator’ Mikey Havoc agrees. “It’s not often you get a script that comes this far out of left field and includes explosions, Hayley Holt chasing you with a machine guns, and the fight to the death with a Spartan warrior.”

Holt puts the appliances, as well as the odd AK-47 assault rifle to the test. Not an easy task when your co-host is Havoc and his band of idiotic, gun-crazed, crash test dummies. Despite being no stranger to unusual co-stars from her time on the ‘Crowd Goes Wild’ and ‘Dancing With Stars’, Holt found the campaign a refreshingly new experience, both getting into Havo’s undies, and getting her puppies out.  “I have a lot of fun on Crowd Goes Wild but the Parmco Challenge stepped things up with a special effects and pyrotechnics. I’m getting my agent to find me some roles in action flicks.”

The first episode ‘Rambo’s Undies’ launches online today with the following four episodes (Parmco Sucks, Cold Beer in a Power Cut, Hob-Knobbing with a Spartan, and Hayley’s Puppies) rolling out across September and October at Parmco.co.nz. The brains behind the campaign is Aaron Taylor, former general manager of TBWA, whose slogan “We don’t just push the boat out, we burn down the wharf” has never rung more true.

The campaign is supported online using various social media channels, cinema, and TV advertising. Plus Parmco is giving away piles of weekly prizes, and the chance to win the big one – $10,000 worth of appliances.

“Take a seat little poppet.  I insist you stay for dinner…”

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