Year in Review: Donna Gurney, Discovery NZ

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the year that was. Here’s what Donna Gurney, Head of Sales at Discovery NZ, had to say.

  1. Favourite local campaign

Tourism NZ ‘Do Something New, New Zealand’. It’s visually stunning, and the song is hooky as hell. Achieving a 7pm roadblock across all the major TV networks on launch night and getting the song playlisted on radio was also impressive.

  1. Favourite international campaign

Budwieser reinventing their Whassup campaign with a lockdown version was pretty funny.

  1. Least favourite campaign

Trump’s election fraud campaign.

  1. Pick three words to describe 2020

No international travel. 

  1. Most memorable moment from lockdown?

The daily walks and endless sunshine. The complete lack of cars on the road felt a bit like a zombie apocalypse, which as a zombie movie fan I quite liked.

  1. First thing you did in Level 1?

Mekong Baby lunch with the team.

  1. First place you’ll travel to when borders open?

Whichever Pacific Island border opens first. 

  1. Heroes of 2020

Everyone I work with, they were all exceptional. And our new owners.

  1. Villains of 2020

Definitely Trump, followed closely by selfish people breaking out of MIQ and putting the whole country at risk of more lockdowns.

  1. What have you learnt about the world in 2020?

Anything can happen. 

  1. What achievement are you most proud of in 2020?

Keeping a fantastic team together while the TV sale process went on and on (and on!)

  1. Best brands of 2020

Discovery NZ of course!

  1. What died in 2020? 

My favourite hobby, travel research.

  1. Twitter or Instagram?


  1. What should be uninvented? 

See above. Social media that does more harm than good.

Year in Review is brought to you by Discovery New Zealand.

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