Remade, Rascal Media and Raise Communications win accolades at 2023 Axis Awards

Three female-founded independent agencies – Remade, Rascal Media, and Raise Communications – are demonstrating what can be achieved when women unite. Their latest project, FIND FAIR, not only showcases their collective talent and innovation but has also earned them accolades at the 2023 Axis Awards.

Demonstrating an innovative use of technology, the agencies’ latest collaborative effort, FIND FAIR, is a testament to their commitment to using their collective talents to create meaningful campaigns that drive real change.

The work also took home four awards at the 2023 Axis Awards, including the highest accolade in the charity category. 

FIND FAIR, a Chrome extension that helps Kiwis spot ethical products when they search or shop online, was conceived and developed by creative agency Remade for client fair&good – The Ethical Directory.

Building on the client’s purpose as a directory, the idea began to take shape, with fair&good immediately seeing its potential.

“Shopping ethically is one of the most powerful ways Kiwis can use their collective force for positive change. When fair&good asked us to help Kiwis shop ethically, the idea for FIND FAIR was born,” says Founder and Creative Director of Remade, Clara McLaurin.

“I’m incredibly proud of what our team achieved technically and creatively with a not-for-profit sized budget. We hope FIND FAIR will prove to be an essential tool to help Kiwis shop their values.” 

As with anything that is being developed for the first time, the creation process was challenging but the unity between the agency and the client team was the “platform for success”, she adds.

“When you’re working on something new, unforeseen circumstances always arise, we were able to navigate any challenges in an open forum at the earliest possible stage. The passion and dedication of everyone involved made FIND FAIR possible and any challenges actually brought us closer.”

Working closely with like-minded independent agencies like Rascal Media and Raise Communications also meant they were able to avoid some of the traditional barriers that can be present in larger agency structures.

McLaurin says although Remade is a new agency, the team brings with it a high level of experience.

“To see our strategy, creativity and capability up there, alongside the best agencies in the country [at Axis Awards]is amazing for our team. It’s really inspiring for all of us and helps us feel good about what we have to offer.”

Rascal Media Managing Director Rachel Leyland says the beauty of this project was in its simplicity.

“Our role as the media agency, was to un-pack who FIND FAIR would appeal to most, and then design a comms and media plan that would reach, explain and navigate people to the tool. It wasn’t just about ethical shoppers, there was a dual role of showing businesses the growing consumer interest in ethical brands.

“Like all not-for-profits, we had a budget to stretch, so we really leant on our media partner relationships, for heavily discounted and free media. In addition to online video, digital and social we ended up on over 90 billboards and Out of Home (OOH) formats across the campaign. Big thanks to Go Media, Mediaworks, JCDecaux, Primo and Shout in particular for their help.”

Founder and Comms Director of PR agency Raise Communications, Lwindi Ellis, says she was delighted to continue helping fair&good and introduced them to Remade.

“Working with fellow female-led agencies Remade and Rascal was an absolute pleasure, and receiving recognition at Axis for the collaborative campaign was the cherry on top.”

Dr Susan Maiava, Co-Founder of fair&good says she is “thrilled” with the result.

“Remade, Rascal Media and Raise worked in cohesive partnership to help achieve our goal. The dedication, care and value delivered by each agency saw our users increase by 50 percent. Also, 80 percent of people who download FIND FAIR use it every week which is a fantastic result for us and the ethical brands we endorse. We can’t wait to see what they do next.”

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