Perspectives 2024: Episode One – The Marketer’s View

ThinkTV has commissioned a new video series, ‘Perspectives 2024’, which takes a deep dive into the world of TV and video – what’s happening locally and globally – now and in the next three to four years. 

The series will explore a range of perspectives from people in the marketing, production, media agencies, TV network, creative and research industries. 

The first episode, The Marketer’s View, provides the views of three New Zealand marketers – Simon Hofmann, General Manager of Brand and Marketing for Kiwibank; AnneMarie Browne, Chief Marketing Officer for Lotto; and Alexandra Jackman, Marketing Manager for Heartland Bank. 

Topics discussed include the challenges and opportunities for marketers, reaching audiences effectively, how TV and BVOD fit into the current media landscape, and what the future looks like for them.

Watch Episode One – The Marketer’s View here:

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