Marketing campaign shows the human side of healthcare

In its latest marketing campaign, ad agency Mr Smith is working with Southern Cross Hospitals to highlight the human side of those working in healthcare.

The billboards and press ads currently appearing around New Zealand were inspired by patient feedback and how it feels to have a family member in hospital.

Ian Davis, Marketing Manager for Southern Cross Hospitals says, “The prospect of surgery can be daunting; not just for the patient, but also for their family.  

“Even though it’s our area of expertise – with hundreds of nurses, surgeons, physicians and anaesthetists doing their jobs – we also all have families, parents, siblings, kids and grandparents. We understand the anxiety patients feel when they’re in unfamiliar surroundings.”

Mr Smith has developed a micro-site, peopleareprecious.co.nz, which opens by saying “it’s natural to feel a little nervous or apprehensive when you or one of your family members book in for surgery.”

“We’re acutely aware of this in our dealings with patients. Surveys and routine feedback show our nurses are highly rated for the warmth and genuine compassion they show,” explains Ian Davis.

The microsite also highlights other key attributes of the Southern Cross private hospital network – which provides surgery to around 75,000 Kiwis each year.

Davis says, “Some people may think you need to have Southern Cross health insurance to use Southern Cross Hospitals, but that’s not the case.”

“Our hospitals are for all New Zealanders. This includes those covered by ACC, other insurance providers, the self-funded, even DHB patients.”

For more information, contact:

John O’Leary at Mr Smith on (DDI) 09 282 5024 or 09 377 0667  

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