How Phantom Lab is mixing art and innovation

What is Phantom Labs?

Phantom Lab is Phantom’s in-house special build team consisting of myself, our in-house creative and builder. We mix art and innovation to take your brand message out of the frame and into your audience’s brain. We use the latest innovation in print, interactive and sculpture media to produce disruptive creative solutions for your brand. We either generate special build ideas for specific campaigns or help execute a client’s vision.

Campaigns created with Phantom Labs think outside the box – literally. Is it a hard sell to get clients to do something a bit different with a poster and sometimes invest in something no one else has done?

The appetite for doing something a bit different is always there. It’s just that final leap into approval to do something different or something that has never been done that takes a bit of effort but the results speak for themselves. Lab campaigns create incredible moments of intrigue and delight that connect consumers with brands. 

There’s a lot of talk about digital out of home, but you guys are being innovative with static. What do you see as the future of out-of-home?

There will be a continued move to digital screens in the OOH space and programmatic booking. I still believe there is a lot of value in static inventory for advertisers and Phantom will always have that option. In saying that though, I’d love to implement some kind of Lab campaign on street level digital screens, there are some amazing examples from overseas involving AR and mobile that push the limits of what can be done with a digital out of home.

Does size matter?

No, immediacy to the consumer matters.

If you could tell marketers one thing about out-of-home, what would it be?

Out of home is an unavoidable, tactile and dynamic space, it lives in the real world and is a great way to make meaningful connections with consumers in their everyday life.

Is there anything Phantom Labs can’t do?

Of course not! 

Contact: Ben Stonyer, [email protected]

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