The experimenter: TVNZ set to open studio space to up-and-coming talent

Edward Kindred

TVNZ has turned a once mothballed studio into a production facility designed for the future with the latest technical equipment and a versatile set to produce Duke’s live panel show Banter. And now the studio, called The Creators Space, will soon be used to bring to life the ideas of creative New Zealanders.

Programmer Edward Kindred explains that with the internet, TVNZ is no longer automatically the first port of call for local talent looking to get themselves out there. He says TVNZ hopes The Creators Space will draw them back in and make TVNZ the home of local talent.

“This new space sets us up to make content in new ways with new people.”

And adding to the appeal is there’s no cost to use the facility provided content creators use their own people. Kindred says there’s no financial incentives for TVNZ in making the space available, and because of that all content produced in it will belong to the creator to go on YouTube or any of their preferred distribution channels.

In some cases, TVNZ might look to work with the creators further and Kindred gives the example of a major project.

“If someone wants to book out the space for two weeks, use our equipment and film a really grand project, we might go: ‘We’d love for your content be on TVNZ OnDemand’,” he says, adding the creators would still own the content to distribute it at their will.

“It just gives TVNZ that in, and that closer relationship with talent who we might want to work with in the future.”

TVNZ’s using YouTube Spaces as an example of what it wants The Creators Space to be—but better.

Located around the world, YouTube Spaces provide creatives with access to production resources, however, there’s a requirement for them to have over 10,000 followers.

TVNZ doesn’t want to put the same restrictions in place and Kindred explains if a performer applies to use the space but hasn’t been on YouTube before, it will allow them to use the space as their springboard. At the same time, if there’s
a YouTuber who has built up a substantial following but doesn’t have access to high-quality equipment, it will happily invite them to use the space. 


Bringing it to life

With The Creators Space open to all kinds of New Zealand talent, TVNZ has worked to make the space as adaptable and saleable as possible.

It consists of a studio, control room, audio booth, screening room and green room that creators will be able to use as they please with whatever size crew they need. Be it a live primetime production or a single camera shoot for a YouTube video, it’s all possible.

There are backdrops and a green screen to use, panels and cameras
that can be moved around, and if the production isn’t large enough to require the audio booth, it can be controlled from an iPad within the studio.

“We’ve designed it in a way that we’re comfortable you can do it with fewer crew than normal and we’ve specifically chosen technology that you don’t need to do a degree in engineering to figure out how to use,” says Kindred.

What’s more is that it’s future-proofed itself by bringing in the latest technology and 4K cameras to make sure all productions are of the highest quality.

That’s one of the most expensive parts of a production so TVNZ hopes that having it open for use free of charge will encourage creatives to make the most of it when applications open later this year. 

This story is part of a content partnership with TVNZ.

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