Crucial cultural and social shifts to be presented to leading Kiwi marketers

An all-local keynote speaker line up is set to inspire and unlock new marketing insight at this year’s iMedia Brand Summit.

Held at the Hilton Lake Taupō from July 4-6 the invitation only event run by Comexposium will include presentations from experts such as Shelly DaviesProfessor Paul Spooly and Dr Sommer Kapitan.

Ryf Quail, Managing Director for Comexposium APAC, says these speakers will provide insight into cultural and social shifts crucial for leading marketers to be aware of and to plan for.

“Dr Sommer Kapitan is a leading thinker around influencer marketing and an amazing talent,” Quail says.

“Dr Paul Spoonley is New Zealand’s leading demographer. In terms of the changing shape of the New Zealand’s population no one can speak with more authority.”

The final speaker, Shelly Davies is known for her down to earth approach to training people to write in a way that is accessible to all and improve their general communication. 

“Shelly Davies is an incredible speaker and positions herself as the popcorn in corporate,” Quail says.

The theme of this year’s event is The Future of Marketing and Quail says it will be a balance between inspiration and ‘how to’.

“That tension is important. Everyone wants to be inspired and see what’s possible, but you also want to know the steps on the ladders to get there. That’s the challenge that most marketers face and why we love to do this show in New Zealand. As an ex-practitioner myself the ability to bring lots of intellectual property and knowledge into a market where it’s hard to access is compelling.

“It’s really important for us that the people at this event are the future of marketing. These are the people pushing the boat out, these are the ones leading the charge in their organisations. They are the ones putting themselves out there, diving into new stuff and making decisions for the organisation based on the CMO or the executive’s strategy.”

The iMedia Brand Summit is supported by high performing sponsors and solution providers that know the importance of being connected and involved with the right marketing audience.

This invite-only cohort is assembled to give them the opportunity to meet, make connections and form long-lasting professional relationships.

“We put great content on stage and we aggregate a great cohort of marketers around that content who can spend three days together, put on by a great collection of sponsors who are bringing not only their brand and their presence, but their intellectual property they can call on from anywhere in the world.

“These marketers are facing problems that are not unique to them and they can now tap into knowledge because someone around the world has probably already solved this problem.”

This event is as much about the speakers as it is about the industry spending time together.

“The content is the stimulus between marketing peers,” he says.

Comexposium prides itself on ensuring the most important people are involved and every year diversity is achieved to ensure new conversations, new perspectives and new opportunities are highlighted.

“The mana we have within the New Zealand marketing community is validation for us in terms of what we are doing. We want to grow this event – it connects in New Zealand as it does in Australia and South East Asia and we want to take it to another level.

“For us the ability to bring intellectual property into the market that changes the way Kiwi marketers approach their tasks or their job or their mission – that’s cool. That’s the reason why we get up in the morning,” Quail adds.

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Ayla Miller is a Feature Writer/Sub-editor for SCG Media Business titles, NZ Marketing, StopPress, Idealog and The Register.

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