Creativity and scientific thinking required to leverage data and insights

Data in a digital world

It’s no secret to businesses that data is the key differentiator for success in today’s digital world. Globally renowned brands such as Netflix, Amazon and Microsoft continue to lead the way in demonstrating the value of data-driven decision making.

However, though most businesses identify the need to be data-driven, there are many who are still on this journey of recognition. Data Insight is breaking ground in helping businesses accelerate this process, leverage the power of data and get where they should be faster and more efficiently.

Data, data everywhere and not an insight in sight

The reality is that businesses have no shortage of data, but that data only has value if it is converted into an insight that creates action. Data Insight helps businesses generate actionable insights and link data to commercial outcomes.

Whether your goal is to grow your customer base, reduce costs or make strategic business decisions to deliver customer-centricity, all the answers lie in the data. This is the type of value creation that Data Insight specialises in. 

Creating value from data

Understanding how to link data to a business problem, the depth and detail of the data, the best way to extract the knowledge and how to deliver this as a visual, story or fact-based strategy requires a unique combination.

Data Insight has a talented team that combines the best of experience, technology, technique and insights. They enable businesses to make data-driven decisions and future proof their data strategies.

Unique proven DI strategy

Data Insight has developed a proven strategy for execution through their experience working on complex data projects across various sectors including banking, insurance, media and government.

Regardless of what data your business has, there are five key questions to consider when embarking on the journey to becoming data-driven:

  • What data do we have and where is it?
  • Do we have a map of where it all sits throughout the business and what it is used for?
  • What’s my strategy?
  • How do we use the data we have and how are we leveraging it in the best way so that it is an enabler across the business?
  • Who accesses the company data?
  • Do we have the right policies, governance and processes in place to ensure our data is protected and the right visibility is provided to the right teams?
  • How do I future proof my business? 
  • What data would we like to have regarding channels, contacts, smart devices, and customer preferences?
  • What does our future strategy, team and technology road map look like?
  • Do I have the right foundations and frameworks in place to execute?
  • Am I bringing together the right technology, data, marketing and creativity to deliver true customer-centricity?
  • What people, processes, infrastructure, technology and customer journeys do we need to put in place?

People over process

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology is rapidly evolving, and automation enables data processing to be better and faster than ever before. Nevertheless, the decisions regarding what data to use, what algorithms to write and the ‘so what’ element of the outcomes is all powered by people.

Successful data-driven businesses all depend on people determining the data strategy and organising how to operationalise and execute on data. Digital transformation and delivering customer experiences all depend on this. The expertise of Data Insight’s team is what delivers the greatest value to their clients.

Founder and CEO, Carmen Vicelich says;

“The key is in our name. It’s all about finding the insight and identifying those ‘gold nuggets’ of information within the plethora of data that businesses hold. Then it’s about helping them identify where those insights can be applied to increase business performance.”

Partnerships beat ‘business as usual’

While organisations recognise the need to leverage their data, they often don’t have the internal skills or expertise to drive this change. A lot of the time they are too bogged down in ‘business as usual’ to find the time to dedicate to driving new strategic streams of work.

This is where Data Insight works with clients to help them make advances in the data and analytics space and efficiently utilise data throughout the business to drive competitive advantage.

Delivering with data

Data Insight works as your data partner, harnessing internal business knowledge and many years of experience in data, technology and analytics. Clients work directly with data analysts communicating with the person who is on the tools and deep in the data.

Data Insight’s unique combination of creativity, business nous and scientific thinking, provides a fresh perspective on problem-solving. Leverage the power of Data Insight expertise to accelerate your data journey and create tangible value from data.

Get excited for DI Day

To help customers leverage the value of data, Data Insight is excited to be hosting DI Day. This is an exclusive full-day conference for leaders focused on democratising data, insights and enabling data-driven decision-making across their organisations.

Data Insight Chief Marketing Officer, Justin Flitter says, “We all recognise the immense power of data and the value in empowering business to make data-driven decisions. With so much rapid change happening across data, regulations, technology and customer expectations, the question is: how do we actually do this?”

Join the amazing Data Insight team and an influential line up of speakers to learn how to accelerate your data journey.

We will be exploring topics ranging from data strategy to AI and ML, from cultural change to agile methodologies and deriving key take-outs that are not to be missed.

This unique event will present real-world case studies with essential best practice’s leaders can leverage immediately to accelerate their digital transformation programs.

To see the speaker line-up and register your interest in attending DI Day on 24 September visit:

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