The Year in Review: Jeremy O’Brien

With a new chief executive, a new joint venture with Sky, the highest rating show of the past ten years for New Zealand’s Got Talent, plenty of interest in branded content, and the march of mobile seeing new Ondemand apps on the horizon, it’s been a big year for TVNZ—and, after knocking newspapers off the top ASA spot and charting ten year highs for viewership, TV in general. Head of sales Jeremy O’Brien talks. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laKd-gmDw10Boris the Telecom Turtle.
I’m convinced it’s really S.P.O.T. without the benefits of Olay. He may not
have defeated the seven signs of ageing but he’s bringing life and colour back to
Telecom. Nice job.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

It’s not on air yet but when you see it
you’ll be blown away. America’s Cup 2013. It’s Formula One on steroids and going
to be spectacular. 

3) Least favourite campaign

Do you really expect me to answer
that? Any campaign not embracing the awesome synergies of TV and online. Don’t
be the world’s best kept secret. 

4) Best brand

Any brand embracing the awesome synergies of TV and online.

5) Best

It’s a close
one. There are two big battles that are intriguing.

Battle one is
between the supermarket behemoths. These guys are staunchly competitive and
seriously smart marketers and just keep going at it. 12 rounds won’t be enough
to sort that one out.

Battle two is
the banks and I think it’s early days on that front. Each is looking to chart
new territory and 2013 will be a cracker.


those businesses that are making a difference, particularly in our own back
yard. I won’t name them here for fear of
missing anyone out but when you get to work with a number of great New Zealand companies
as I do in my role you gain a sense for the contribution business makes to our
communities. Whether it’s providing employment or giving a small Kiwi supplier
their first big break, we’ve got loads of hero employers out there and we need
them now more than ever.


discounters. C’mon people, discount does not equal value or effectiveness. My
Mum always told me that if it’s cheap there’s usually a reason. Don’t do cheap,
do effective. 

memorable marketing moment

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2nBBMbjS8wThe Superbowl. Coke Polar
and the best TV and online video thinking on display. Genius.

9) A few predictions for

will become even stronger as a vehicle for brands to engage, entertain, inform
and ultimately shift their products and services; Clara
Van Wel will
have a number 1 single; Chris
Warner will have an affair on Shortland Street; and brands
that continue to invest in being seen and heard will continue to smash brands that

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