The Year in Review: James Hurman and Josh Moore

With some quality work, a fresh management team, an amazing new office in the Cityworks Depot in central Auckland and an almost but not quite moment in the recent Genesis pitch, a few agencies might be looking over their shoulder at Y&R next year. James Hurman and Josh Moore go for a hoon on 2012.  

1) Favourite
campaign that isn’t yours

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ahNpFf1_0QHell ‘Pizza Roulette’. A brilliant brand experience idea that couldn’t be truer to Hell.

2) Favourite
campaign that is yours

HRV ‘Invironment’. By branding up
the air inside our homes we managed to get New Zealanders thinking about HRV’s
product in a whole new way.

3) Least
favourite campaign

We reckon the work’s been
noticeably good this year. It’s easy to think of a tonne of stuff we like and kind
of hard to think of stuff we don’t.

4) Best brand

Coke’s been an inspiration globally this year. Share
a Coke
is an awesome thing and Coke being named Cannes’ Creative Marketer of
the Year for 2013 is well deserved.

5) Best stoush

John Hegarty’s mandates to
Publicis when it acquired BBH. A pre-emptive stoush. Like an ‘I’m going to
stoush you before you stoush me’ kind of a stoush.

6) Heroes

Our IT guy Josh Hetrick.
Somehow, about five minutes after moving into our new space, everything worked. Genius.

7) Villains

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmaXa9oYA88BAT and that shady effort
with the agree/disagree thing. Okay that should maybe have been least favourite
campaign, but it’s also quite villainy isn’t it.

8) Most memorable
marketing moment

Clemenger BBDO going to
sleep without a gold Axis and waking up with a Yellow Pencil
. Nice.

9) A few
predictions for 2013

like to think there’s a little more competition in the industry now. And if
you believe that good competition makes you stronger then hopefully that means
the work across the industry will get even better next year.

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