The Year in Review: Jeanette Paine

Unitec has pushed the educational marketing envelope over the past couple of years with some novel and risky campaigns and helped change the perception of the institute among potential students—and their parents. And Jeanette Paine, the executive director of marketing and communications, was rewarded for her efforts after being named as a finalist in the TVNZ-NZ Marketing marketer of the year award. Here’s her take on 2012. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt4rdfbMSvcWestpac’s ‘Start
Asking’. After the hype of BNZ’s indulgent Money is Good/Bad teaser ads, it was great to see a bank take a
more relatable and subtle approach to get us to think about the big issues
surrounding our finances. Earthquake response pop up bank outlets and the new
flagship Queen St beach store also impressed.

 2) Favourite campaign that is yours


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3zVShQP6VkWe had two to choose from: completing the year long journey with our
doco-style ‘Change Starts Here’
campaign following three of our students and watching the plethora of creative
responses in the market with a similar reality style. And ‘We make the people who make it’ featuring our trades and
construction grads, Auckland’s urban backdrop and uber cool Loui the Zu sound
track. It continues to push boundaries in the education marketing sector.  

Least favourite campaign

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBTcNMwmm2EState Insurance ‘Ain’t nothing going to break my
stride’. Reliving an unfortunate ’80s
song while watching bad things happen to singing customers and chickens? Just
plain silly for such a serious business.

Best brand

Whittaker’s. The choc that innovates. For my 21st birthday
present I got taken on tour of their Petone factory. And since then they
can do no wrong for me.

Best stoush

Mark Sainsbury and TVNZ. Just can’t wait for that
Woman’s Weekly cover story tell all.


Reggie—the mouse from The Ridges. A great loss to
the entertainment industry.


and Jaime Ridge: rodent killers. 

Most memorable marketing moment

Olympic superstar Usain Bolt’s lightning visit to
New Zealand for Gatorade’s relaunch. Apparently all down to a bright Frucor
marketer who spotted a gap in his diary and saw a golden opportunity. Four
events in six hours and a mass of PR.  

A few predictions for 2013

start to see the merger of IT and HR
with marketing; online
and social will lead the creative process; the
big conversations will take place on small devices; there will be a return of
the suit who speaks ‘client’ and does lunch; and Lotto’s
Wilson the dog will have puppies or get run over. 

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