Year in Review: Ben Goodale, JustONE and .99

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the marketing year that was. Here’s what Ben Goodale, managing director of .99 and JustONE, thought about 2015.

1. Favourite local campaign that isn’t yours

I wanted to hate it, but I can’t stop loving the Kiwibank dancing ads. I like the vibe, the music, and the positive energy about it. It’s disruptive in the category, and seems to have some legs too (no pun intended). I’m not sure how well it translates through the line, but as a TV focused campaign it is entertaining and puts a smile on my face – and makes me like Kiwibank more which is surely the point.

2. Favourite campaign that is yours

Oh, so much to choose from… but probably what has been most distinct this year has been revamping the product and price ads for New World to celebrate the food. I think the marketing media found it hard to get excited about it, but we are now heroing the fresh food onscreen in a vibrant, distinct way, supported by a great local soundtrack. It’s totally different in the category, worldwide. And it’s working.

3. Favourite international campaign

I don’t think you can go past John Lewis. While I still prefer ‘The Bear and the Hare’, this year’s Christmas offering of “The Man in the Moon’ is still sensational – beautifully shot, on brand and celebrating the idea of gifting. And if you check out the John Lewis website, integrated through digital, content, and into store product too.  Christmas ads in the UK are now the equivalent of the US’s Superbowl, and that is largely thanks to what John Lewis have done. They’ve made their Christmas ad a sensation so the amplification of their spend is simply huge. People want to see their ads. 

4. Least favourite campaign

Less one in particular, more that surely as a race we have evolved beyond needing to have people shouting at us in TVCs? Hopefully diminishing returns on these ads will lead to them going…

5. Your own biggest success

The recognition of the New World Clubcard programme at this years NZDM Awards with the Grand Prix was pretty big. Especially as the programme has only rolled out in the South Island so far, which means many judges won’t have personally experienced it). It’s a fantastic evolved loyalty programme driving phenomenal engagement with South Island shoppers – I’m so happy for our team and the team at Foodstuffs who have worked so hard to make it happen.

6. Favourite magazine/website/TV show/radio show/podcast/news service/app/song/other

Simply, The Guardian. It’s become an incredible global newspaper, ever changing, and still carrying real depth in stories and quality of writing that makes you think. As well as the football. Cartoons. And a growing range of great video content too.

7. Most ridiculous buzzword

Hmm, probably ‘hyper personalisation’, which is to what personalisation what ‘big data’ is to data. In other words, it’s just the same thing. That said, if I’m honest I quite like hyper personalisation, has a sort of cool blue edginess to it.

8. Best innovation

Chromecast. Making it easy to stream to the TV without having to buy a new TV.

9. Most over-hyped ‘innovation’

Probably the iWatch. But I do own one and quite like it. It’s just not essential.

10. Best stoush of the year

The pressure to add Red Peak to the flag referendum. A great example of people power, leveraging social media. And well done JK for listening too. At the end it cost nothing, and showed that people do have the power. I wasn’t a fan myself, but I liked what it showed about our country.

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