TV3 lays news gauntlet at ONE’s feet

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Trumpet blowing, back-patting and self-congratulation are par for the course in the world of marketing. But it’s always more interesting if there’s a bit of healthy confrontation involved, as this promotional number for TV3 shows.

MediaWorks recently launched its morning news service Firstline, which claims to have removed the morning fluff and upped the seriousness, and its coverage immediately following the February quake was applauded.

But focusing on how much better its coverage of the Japanese disaster was when compared to TVNZ is a pretty ballsy move when high-profile staff members criticised their own network for its poor coverage during the first earthquake. And it also seems to be drawing a bit of a long bow to claim that it’s “leading news journalism” when in reality it was simply aggregating content from other networks in these early stages before any of its journalists made it there.

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