The year in review: Matt O’Sullivan

Naked Communications is a force to be reckoned with overseas, but it’s only been on the local scene since late 2009. In that short time, it’s certainly had a big impact, taking a fair swag of strategy and channel planning work off some of its larger competitors and winning a couple of media award golds for its work with Diet Coke. Matt O’Sullivan, who left his posting at Carat to set up the Auckland office with Simon Bird, is one man who’s never short of opinions. So here are a few on 2010.

1) Favourite campaign(s)

Orcon’s Iggy Pop is becoming the popular vote, but you can’t go past award winning work that’s recognised on the global stage. As per usual, the work for SKY TV was particularly entertaining. And, internationally, Old Spice was a stand out. Being a strategy agency there’s more of a lag between planning and execution, but we’ve got some gems in the pipeline for next year. The team is pretty proud to have led the Dairy NZ campaign (our first client win) and contributed to the recent Mammoth work for Fonterra (some very tidy creative work by Shine).

3) Least favourite campaign(s)

The BNZ campaign. Very little ‘doing’ to back up the ‘saying’. And I think the whole New Zealandness/Kiwiana thing is starting to wear out its welcome.

4) Best brand

Air New Zealand. It’s not nearly as sober as it used to be. A brand that’s evolving in the right direction.

5) Best stoush

OMD and TVNZ. Don’t know who won but it sounded like a good old fashioned stand off.

6) Heroes

New Zealand’s indie shops are really starting to become hotbeds for good talent and creative excellence. And the All Whites (I didn’t think not winning a game could inspire so many people).

7) Villains

Orcon (they should show a bit more loyalty) and BP (taking more
than you give back to a whole new level).

8) Most memorable marketing moment

Mini, for what looks like an over investment in a car yard. Nice to see a brand putting its money behind something it can stand for.

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