The year in review: Justin Mowday

DDB New Zealand embarked on an international search to find a new managing director earlier this year. And they found the right man for the job just down the road at DraftFCB. So far, so good in the new role for Justin Mowday, with two big accounts in Cadbury and The Warehouse staying put and a host of top notch creative work being released (added to that, his old place of employ did very well at this year’s Effies). So, here’s his $0.02 on the year in marketing.

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1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

ALAC ‘Don’t bring your mates’ campaign. To tell the public to stop drinking so much, but still be voted one of New Zealand’s favourite ads at the same time is no small achievement.

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2) Favourite campaign that is yours

SKY Rugby World Cup. The Drill Sergeant has a lot more training to do.

3) Least favourite campaign

ASB’s ‘Creating Futures’. A blander version of the ‘For the Places You’ll Go’ National Bank endline, whilst over-stepping the role of a bank in peoples’ lives.

4) Best brand

McDonald’s. What an incredible evolution of the brand they’ve effected over the last few years.

5) Best stoush

TVNZ vs CAANZ. Big call to bite the hand that feeds you.

6) Heroes

Has to be Special Group for leading the return of the creatively led indie that’s intent on doing great work.

7) Villains

The Droga founders for presiding over the demise of what was one of the country’s most successful and creative advertising brands, Saatchi & Saatchi.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

The death of Goldstein. Great campaign for many years, but should have ended on a high a bit earlier in the piece.

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