The year in review: James Mok

DraftFCB has followed up a rip snorter in 2009 with another rip snorter this year. It’s picked up a swag of new business, it’s at the top of its social messaging game, it’s the consummate all-rounder, it won the big one at the CAANZ Media Awards, it was unlucky to lose out to cat food for Best in Show at the Effies and, perhaps most importantly, it’s still unbeaten in the Balls of Steel table tennis tournament after taking down Colenso in the second round last night. James Mok, executive creative director, gets his opinion on.

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Youtube VideoV Isokenetic Pomparkour. It seems too obvious to choose something cool that’s created for the yoof market, but I reckon it’s hard to impress this cynical bunch and create an original piece of pop culture.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

It’s hard to choose between The Journal, ALAC and Family Violence campaigns that save lives, and MINI Soho that proved people can buy a $50K car online without seeing or test driving it.

3) Least favourite campaign

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube VideoAny campaign that had ‘man’ in it (frustrating coincidence or just plain lazy?).

4) Best brand

Air New Zealand. It was less about what they said than what they did: cuddle class seats, check-in experience and a chief executive who steps up and isn’t afraid of a fight.

5) Best stoush

Air New Zealand versus NZ Listener and the ‘Rico’ bunfight.

6) Heroes

David Walden after losing ASB—dignified; Indies for lifting the game—game on; and Bryan Crawford doing CAANZ el Presidente his way— class.

7) Villains

Short term Saatchi creative directors—no one said it would be easy; Paul Henry—plonker.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

Special Group doing a pretty impressive job building its brand around one stonking campaign. Regardless of recent events it proves the power of what we do.

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