The year in review: Dave Walden

2010’s been a mixed bag for TBWA\, losing the massive ASB account to Droga5 yet doing very well with 2degrees. To his credit, chief executive Dave Walden held his tongue and acted very professionally following what he calls the “ASB debacle” (and he also takes the prize for year’s best quote with “you’ve got to look at the silver lining in every fucking cloud”). As for the future, the agency has some big plans to bring digital to the centre of the agency offering and, given it seems to have missed out on a couple of pitches recently, it will be gunning for some more business next year. So, take it away Devo. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Vimeo VideoOrcon. Not the Iggy Pop one, but the interactive banner which showed the office being set up in front of your eyes. It was engaging and it was a great example of the way digital is changing the face of our business. It’s best of breed in its particular class.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Youtube Video2degrees. It was the most successful launch of a third entrant in any market so we understand. 2degrees is the ultimate challenger brand. It’s committed to giving Kiwis a better deal and the advertising is committed to rewarding them with no bullshit and a sense of humour. Rhys Darby was an inspired choice but the whole ethos of ‘Stay 2degrees’ is a brilliant platform, which Kiwis have taken to in droves. The brand reprise 12 months after the launch took it to a new level and the Xmas campaign has made the other participants look pedestrian.

3) Least favourite campaign

It’s TBWA’s policy never to bag our competitors’ work. We hate that idea so we’ll pass on that one.

4) Best brand

Youtube VideoFonterra’s ‘Fresh is Best’ campaign for Anchor Milk, where they came up with the idea of recreating their daily ‘Great Milk Run’ and celebrating the ways in which they train and practice to be faster at everything they do, in order to get their milk to you in the best possible condition – fresh and delicious.

5) Best stoush

Rob Fyfe taking on the Listener. Good on him. It’s the best we’ve seen since Ralph Norris took on the Herald regarding school banking.

6) Heroes

My agency for the way it bounced back from the ASB Bank debacle.

7) Villains

TVNZ for cutting the commission in half and taking the bread from the mouths of our children.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

2degrees coming up trumps at the TVNZ NZ Marketing Awards.

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