The year in review: Chris Pescott

Perceptive has made more than a few waves in the marketing and research biz since it was established in 2004, having taken 24th place on the 2009 Deloitte Fast 50 list and signing up over 90 clients in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. Here’s what Chris Pescott, the founder, big cheese and 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, thought about 2010.

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

My favourite campaign would have to be DDB & SKY TV ‘You will be Match Fit’. From the reels I was lucky enough to see it keeps getting better too. Youtube Video Youtube Video

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Being solely at the planning end we can’t really take credit for the ads we worked on. However, avoiding consumer brands, the work we did with Kordia this year in collaboration with Silk for the creative was outstanding.

3) Least favourite campaign

I will never fly fish again in remote locations while trying to answer my XT mobile phone by persistently saying “hallooo”.

Youtube Video

4) Best brand

Youtube Video

Woodstock. I think it has been a fantastic year for the brand. Great campaigns, great opportunities seized and a big push into its next phase. And hey, now we know, it’s ok if your mate’s mum gives you a Woody.

5) Best stoush

XT vs. Everyone who wanted to use their mobile phones, for anything.

6) Heroes

Derek Handley for inspiring everyone—and making some serious spondoolies.

7) Villains

Josh & Jamie for selling too soon. Loved these guys as an indie, but don’t get to see much of what they are doing these days. Still, good on em’ for making a splash—and some great ads.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

Ogilvy’s ‘WRX for sale‘ campaign. It was not necessarily the creative that was memorable. More the shameful display of selfishness portrayed by the number of people who still tried to buy it even after listening to the voice message of the guy crying his balls off having killed a little girl while speeding. Sick.

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