Dong doodle puts DDB in hot water—UPDATED

Penis graffiti is immature—and almost always funny. This effort in Hamilton was able to be seen from space, this effort on the Liteiny Bridge in St Petersberg had some serious scale to it, this one came to life to stop STDs, and then there was the recent effort in Australia where a long-time magazine designer went out with a bang by sneakily putting some cockinballs on the cover of Beat. Now our neck of the woods is abuzz with cartoon genital-related scandal after some unseemly goings on at DDB. 

According to a story in the Herald on Sunday, Emily O’Halloran, the captain of the rowing team at Auckland’s Diocesan School for Girls and daughter of DDB chairman Marty O’Halloran, had a 40-page booklet made up for the team to celebrate her final year at the school. Unfortunately, as Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater revealed, an unwanted artistic addition ended up making it through and the booklet was produced by DDB and distributed to students and parents.

But Emily was horrified to find a disgruntled employee at the company had sabotaged the booklet while it was being made and had drawn a phallic symbol on one of the pictures before it was sent to the printers. The offending drawing wasn’t noticed and 40 copies of the booklet were passed out to the school rowing team and parents.

It wasn’t long before the defaced snap was noticed by other girls.

O’Halloran, who is on the Diocesan board of governors and has two daughters at the school, issued an apology to everyone who received the book and said Emily was embarrassed by the incident.

It is believed the employee no longer works at DDB.

Combine private schools and penis graffiti and you’ve got media gold,of course, but managing director Justin Mowday says it wasn’t a disgruntled employee who had sabotaged the booklet, as stated in the story. It was simply a stupid joke that went wrong because the designer in question forgot to remove it before sending it off to the printers. It was unfortunate and inappropriate, and it’s been dealt with, he says.

Despite humorous assertions to the contrary from some cheeky chappies, Mowday confirmed that it wasn’t the dastardly handiwork of Toby Talbot.

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