Heineken trickery! Ridley Scott! Google pace! Print ads!

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The second dose of ‘linkspiration’ we call Wammo, Pound and Mash is upon us once more. So feast your eyes and ears on the Adshow’s Simon Pound as he gives his weekly multi-media run down of the weird, wonderful, glorious and creative world of advertising to Kiwi FM’s breakfast show host Glenn Williams. 

This trailer that aired on Dutch TV had many wondering what the new show ‘Men with Talent’ was all about. But it turned out to be a teaser for a spot from the same people behind this exceptional Heineken ad.
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In it they took a masculine yet witty look at a female concept – the walk in wardrobe – and turned it to a walk in chiller. That first tease was followed up by this spot, which takes a Heineken-esque look at the current fad for talent shows that are a bit girly. No Susan Boyle or fake tears here.

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You can even vote for your favourite talent and performer online and see their bios and extended video. Though at this stage it would be pretty handy if you spoke Dutch, because that’s the language of choice at present.

Also this week, some more cool branded content, this time from Ridley Scott for Philips. It has been getting good notes from Brandview and Anthony Gardiner. It is very cool and in it, the same esoteric dialogue is interpreted by a bunch of different directors. People can vote for the best and make their own here.

This is also pretty cool, as is this from an agency. So I guess counts. . . And then there is this ad for Google, an awesome way of showing the speed of its Chrome browser (and here’s the making of).
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Another thing: sometimes advertising is as simple as taking something from the pop culture and banging your logo on it, like these ads for the Endangered Wildlife Trust. And just quickly to finish, some great print ads for glue and plasters.

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