Heeeere’s Johnny

The lustrous holiday beard has now been sacrificed to the gods of work, the festive affliction known to many health professionals as the ham shakes are slowly subsiding and, despite falling into a deep post-holiday depression after returning to the coalface, we’re ready for another year of destroying lies and spreading truth. So, if you’re currently staring forlornly into space at your desk like we are, here’s to another year of excitement, joy and success/tedium, drudgery and failure. We realise the nation’s brain capacity is currently sitting at about 30 percent, so what better way to ease into 2012 than with the best product demonstration we’ve seen all year, a long-winded description about the homosexual nature of rugby, a very good, self-referential long-copy ad and a paranormal contender for Dorito’s Crash the Superbowl competition. And while we’re at it, check out the remix of Barbie Girl, which aims to kick off ‘Chopular Culture’ and inspire more lamb consumption for the upcoming Australia Day celebrations. Youtube Video

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