Agency Plankton achieves goals, lives Gallic clichés, gets Cannestrated

On 21 May we floated Plankton IPO for a meagre $10 a share in the effort to raise enough cash to get us to Cannes. Against all odds and with the help of more than 70 investors from across the globe we actually made it. 30 odd hours and more than a few B-grade movies later and we’re here, eating croissants, dodging scooters and paying through the nose for everything.

Generous benefactors

It took some seriously big favours and a few crazy promises to get here, but in the end we figure it’s worth it. There are still a few shares left if you’re feeling generous and don’t like the thought of your Kiwi creative compatriots eating French two minute noodles for a week. We’d much appreciate the patronage.

Highlights so far include watching the All Whites vs. Italy game in a predominantly green, white and red bar, discussing Cannes culture with a Parisian couple who spoke less English than we do French and being sworn at in several languages for skateboarding on the boulevard.

It’s been a busy two days but we’ve seemingly recovered from our lengthy flight and ready for the serious Cannestration to begin. We’ll be logging web style all week so stay tuned for more weird and wonderful Cannes first timer experiences.

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