Zavy + StopPress Social Scoreboard: Air NZ’s takes the top spot

Surprise, surprise, Air NZ remains the king of the Zavy Scoreboard for the first month of this year. This month Mitre 10 takes a stand and secures second.

Air NZ continues to demonstrate the need to create relevant content to drive engagement and open a two-way dialogue with their audience.

Using a mixture of cultural movements, brand narrative and CSR posts they have achieved an immense following and consistently strong engagement metrics that outweigh all competitors. This strategy shone through in their top post for the month, sharing a post from their #AirNZShareMe hashtag.

Claiming top post for the month Mitre 10 has scored 2nd place on the overall Scoreboard with a Zavy Index of 202, following Air NZ’s score of 674.

The Zavy Index is a number to easily compare your performance to your competitors. It is based on the metrics we’ve proven drive ROI. A score of 100 indicates that a brand is ‘on par’ against the other brands in the set.

This post received a 50 percent net sentiment, a 13 percent share to like ratio and 33k comments. Net sentiment refers to the feeling a person has towards an individual post or brand. It is calculated based on the positive/negative comments and reactions to the post. The average net sentiment across the top 20 posts for this month was 29 percent so Mitre 10 sat well above this. A share to like ratio indicates how engaged people are. A share is more valuable to a brand as it shows that a person supports or appreciates the post and they want to share that with their friends and family, creating a level of brand advocacy. The top 20 posts for this month averaged a share to like ratio between 4 -10 percent so once again Mitre 10’s post sat above the rest.

Top performers by channel

Once again Air NZ dominates Facebook this month, followed by Harvey Norman, KFC and New World. Instagram shares a similar story with Air NZ in the top spot, followed by The Warehouse, Mitre 10 and Farmers.

YouTube had a close race for first with Mitre 10 just beating Vodafone, and McDonalds and KFC to follow. Twitter continues to be a channel where no brands are meeting the Zavy Index benchmark of 100, with NZ Transport Agency scoring 60 and Whittaker’s scoring 20.

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