Zavy + StopPress Social Scoreboard: Air New Zealand’s new plane attracts the likes

In the lead up to Christmas, activity is ramping up and observing the trends on the Zavy Social Scoreboard over the past month, Air New Zealand has maintained its lead.

The top post is the announcement of Air New Zealand’s newest plane, attracting 7,400 likes and 3,500 shares. While KFC was not far behind with an extremely popular nugget deal that earned 3,100 likes and 3,100 comments.

Looking at activity through a channel by channel view, Facebook remains the most even playing field compared to Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

As to be expected with Christmas on the horizon, the highest performing posts of this month have been mostly giveaways. The top two giveaways were Briscoes’ Air Fryer that received 2,300 likes, 4,600 comments, 241 shares, and Flight Centre’s suitcases that saw 3,500 likes, 4000 comments, 139 shares.

Over on Instagram, Farmers has boosted its place, nabbing second place behind Air New Zealand while Whittaker’s and Sky TV share second place on Twitter.

And on YouTube, Air New Zealand continues to dominate with the launch of another new in-flight safety video.

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