Z Energy and its staff are all smiles, winning the March Ad Impact Award

We often say a true friend is one who will point out potentially embarrassing situations, like clothing malfunctions, but what about a service station? Z Energy has taken out Colmar Brunton’s March Ad Impact Award for its ‘Small things mean more’ spot about the importance of service and customer experience, highlighting how the staff can make everything easier for customers. 

The ad (thought to be by Assignment Group) features Z Energy staff helping an elderly man inflate his wheelchair wheels, push-starting a car and pointing out to a woman that her dress is caught in the car door.

Colmar Brunton describes it as “a lovely feel good brand ad”, after people found it to be very engaging and highly enjoyable with a story about Z Energy’s customer service that resonates and pulls at the heart strings.

“The ad delivers a strong response, on rational and emotionally driven measures, which are known to result in both increased short term sales and for building long term brand equity for Z Energy.”

The month’s runners up are two spots from Samsung, ‘Now you can’ and ‘Unpacking S7’.

‘Now you can’ showcases just how waterproof the new Samsung S7 is by depicting the phone’s use around water activities enjoyed by New Zealanders.

While ‘Unpacking S7’ looks more closely at the S7 and demonstrates all of the functions of the new mobile phone.

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