It pays to have a sports star

Beating the likes of Volvo’s ‘epic split,’ Dove’s ‘real beauty sketches,’ Always’ ‘Like a girl,’ and Volkswagen’s ‘The Force’, Turkish Airways’s ‘Messi vs Kobe’ ad nabbed the top honours in the countdown.

“‘Selfie Shoot-out’ had all the right ingredients for success on YouTube—an adventuresome client, two of the most globally well loved figures in sports, a great idea and a terrific platform to share our work,” Andrew Keller the chief executive of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (the agency that created the spot) told Adweek.

The spot, which features Argentinean footballer Lionel Messi and US basketball player Kobe Bryant participating in a selfie challenge, didn’t win over the critics like the other spots in the top five, but with over 140 million views it was by far the most popular.

With fewer than half as many views (62 million), Volkswagen’s ‘The Force’ came in second place.

The top three was rounded off by ‘Like a girl’, which was viewed 57 million times and was one of many popular ads to challenge gender stereotypes over the last ten years.

Although the Epic Split’s 79 million views made it more popular than ‘Like a girl’ and ‘The Force’, the voting public only gave it fourth place in the list.

The final spot in the top five was Dove’s poignant ‘Real Beauty Sketches’, which was viewed over 65 million times since it was first uploaded.

According to Google’s data, these five ads were viewed a combined 7.7 million hours—which isn’t bad going, given that it shows people are willing to voluntarily watch ads if the content is good enough.

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