Yellow campaign gets taste buds going

Following the innovative and award-winning Yellow Treehouse campaign, Yellow has introduced its latest marketing mission and the gung-ho challenger – Josh Winger has to find out the taste of yellow and make a chocolate bar out of it.

Josh Winger_Yellow Mission Project Manager

Winger can use anything or anyone he finds from the Yellow books, online or mobile to create and sell his one-of-a-kind confectionary.

Yellow marketing director Kellie Nathan says the new campaign is all about celebrating the kiwi can-do attitude. “What we think is pretty cool and different about both the treehouse and the chocolate campaigns is that they are real. They follow a real person as they try to achieve a real mission.”

Winger was chosen from 80 people who sent in video applications in the hope of becoming the new hero for Yellow. Raised on Great Barrier Island, Winger is a keen surfer and aspiring actor and musician.

So what might yellow taste like? “Maybe lemon, banana or pineapple,” says Winger, “but it also makes me think of things like sunshine. Or something girly, like yellow flowers … but how do I make that a flavour?”

The proof will be in the pudding.

You can follow Josh’s progress online at yellowchocolate.co.nz

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