The Year in Review: Steve Bayliss

Steve Bayliss had the Midas marketing touch at Air New Zealand and he seems to have transferred it to his role as group general manager of marketing at Foodstuffs, with the Pak ‘n Save brand continuing its top form and New World getting a long overdue—and almost universally applauded—refresh. Here’s lookin’ at 2012.

Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Crikey, I struggled a little
on this one. Indeed, Ben F had to point
out to me that my first response included two ideas from last year [ed: they were good suggestions though: Steinlager’s ‘We Believe’ and Toyota Hilux], perhaps because there seemed to be lots of
good, but only a very few ideas that really, really embedded themselves in my
mind. As a result I battled to separate
a clear winner. But it was another good year for Sky TV with the iSky’s ‘Cheat on your TV’ ads, I loved theTui bunch of flowers press ad for Valentines Day, the ‘The Wine is Over’ campaign worked well and for brand experience, Hell Pizza’s Pizza Roulette. Okay. Pick one. Because of the product integration and hilarity of seeing the unlucky recipient, pizza roulette.




Favourite campaign that is yours

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiemD4Jtb-0It feels more than a little self-congratulatory
to even answer this. But what the heck,
my old pal Jules Lloyd did the real work on our end anyway. So congrats to Colenso BBDO’s Steve Cochran, Jules, and the .99
team on the New World brand work.

Least favourite campaign

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-b7rYgzzpMIf the last question
bordered on being asked to stand in front of the mirror and admire the view,
this just feels mean spirited. So it’s a
mixed bag. I thought Ghost Chips was pure
gold, but the following ad ‘You blokes have got to stop driving pissed’ was truly
awful. I know, different target
audiences and all that, but… ick.

Best brand

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBlRbrB_GncGlobally, I really admire
the job Samsung has done in the branded technology space over the last year
(taking on Apple and winning a lot). But
I can’t go offshore. I have to be parochial on this one. So, Air New Zealand. Proving beyond doubt that I am indeed a
worthless hack, as the work just continues to be terrific, with the occasional
grabaseat own goal (left testicle gags) being more than offset by a
consistent stream of stunners (the Hobbit leverage). 

Best stoush

Easy… and fun. Pak ’n Save’s Meat Weeks versus the vegetarians.


Jason Paris and the Telecom
marketing team
. After too many years of
fairly ‘average’ work (being kind), it finally feels like the campaigns and
brand presentation overall is coming back on track. Best work since Spot, and it’ll be nice to
have a home-grown telco that Kiwis really want to win again.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLBMa74tSBUThe mean buggers who gassed the Countdown Dad just
before the holidays. Ah well, we’ll
offer him a job at Pak ‘n Save so he doesn’t have to be humiliated doing more pants
Xmas ads next year.

Most memorable marketing moment

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOyo7JD7hjoPsy – Gangnam Style. I don’t know why it works as well as it does …
but it’s genius. The fastest global brand
explosion ever.

A few predictions for 2013

It will be 365 days long. Movings & Shakings will be busy again. And I hope to defy predictions by not making
an appearance. Still lots to do (really).

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