The Year in Review: The Nicks

After the blessing/curse that was losing Vodafone, 2011 wasn’t the best of years for Colenso BBDO. But it’s been a strong 2012 for the “awesome bunch of bastards” at the agency, which has achieved more creatively than ever before in its 43 year history. It’s currently the #5 agency in the world according to the Big Won Report, the #5 ranked agency globally in the international Effie rankings and it brought home a big load of metal at Cannes, Axis and, most recently, Caples. Here’s what the Nicks—Worthington and Garrett—had to say about it. 

1.  Favourite campaign that isn’t yours.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZfkSAQWz9EToyota Corolla. It is the idea we liked the most from a professional and personal perspective. It’s clever and fun creatively and as a consumer it made us smile. 

2.  Favourite campaign that is yours.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LWMN7_8DfMBNZ Money is Good/Bad. Great client and nice to stop talking about banks and start talking about the stuff we’re all interested in.

3.  Least favourite campaign.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t98V-2b4QTsSteinlager changing tack from cool premium brand to something else. Have we missed something?

 4.  Best brand. 

Great Britain. The olympic opening ceremony was pure genius. Team GB were amazing. Kate & Wills put the royals back on the map and a Jubilee helped.  And Toby Talbot had only been back in the country for five minutes. Awesome.

5.  Best stoush.

Apple vs. Samsung. Losing a US$1.5 billion lawsuit to Apple will prove to be a collossal win for the South Koreans. 

6.  Heroes.

Lindsey Redding. Tells it how it is in his extraordinary blog. 

7.  Villians.

Anonymous bloggers. You know who you are. It’s boring and you take the whole industry down with you.

8.  Most memorable marketing moment.

Andy McLeish’s trousers splitting in the final presentation to the Tourism Fiji board in Fiji. 

9.  A few predictions for 2013.

Toby Talbot back at his regular table at SPQR. Still pinning all hopes on faster broadband that fails to materialise. Kate Middleton has a boy. Vinyl is back. And people wake up and realise social media isn’t an idea, it’s a channel.

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