Year in Review: Jeremy O’Brien

With many joining the media diaspora and leaving the couch in favour of online entertainment options, it hasn’t been an easy year for television broadcasters. But instead of simply admitting defeat and watching the viewers head off into the distance, TVNZ’s head of sales and marketing Jeremy O’Brien led an innovative team that pinched popular shows, further developed on-demand streaming options and took quite a few risks. Here’s what O’Brien has to say about 2013.        

1) Favourite campaign

The recent one from WestJet in Canada, the ‘WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving’ campaign. It’s smart, simple and has wow factor in spades – the smartest use of customer data I’ve seen yet.

2) Least favourite campaign

I’ll exercise my right of no comment on that.

3) Your own biggest success

Leading the sales team at TVNZ to another strong year of delivering meaningful results-based solutions to our clients. The saying that you are only as good as your people is very true, particularly in the highly competitive and talented NZ media market, and I’m privileged to lead some of the best.

4) Most impressive performance

TVNZ OnDemand – more devices; more video streams; more content to New Zealanders where, when and how they want it; one million unique browsers; and 10 million monthly streams here we come.

5) Biggest move

Home & Away

6) Best innovation

TVNZ OnDemand for iOS and Android.

7) Best brands

Those that understand that investment drives innovation, drives impact and results. Brands are living, breathing things that constantly need to be fed, watered and exercised or else they will wilt and die – without brands you don’t have a business.

8) Best stoush

Probably going on behind the scenes at POG world (Publicis Omnicom Group), where two strong media businesses looking to merge the best of both worlds to create a media SuperPower – who will inherit the one ring to rule them all?

9) Heroes

Clients who understand that you get what you pay for – if it’s cheap there’s usually a reason. Heroes don’t confuse cheap with cost-effective and efficient; they’re not the same thing.

10) Villains

Haters – of anything, anyone, any time. Let’s all embark on the post GFC recovery with a better outlook and attitude, people. Life is short. Instead of finding all the reasons not to do something, take a step back, breathe and then ask yourself what needs to be true to make things happen. Let’s become a nation of how-toers, instead of too-harders.  You can’t move forward if you don’t take the first step.

11) Most memorable marketing moment

Mike O’Sullivan accepting his induction to the Marketing Hall of Fame – it brought a tear to my eye. Seriously though Mike, well done big guy, you deserve your place among the immortals.

12) A few predictions for 2014 

  • Seven Sharp will be even sharper
  • TVNZ OnDemand will reach a new record monthly benchmark of one million UBs and 10 million streams
  • The Southland Stags will win promotion to the Championship Division of the ITM Cup
  • Beuden B will overtake Dan C and Aaron C in the All Blacks starting line up

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