Year in Review: Cate Slater, TVNZ

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the marketing year that was. Here’s what Cate Slater, content director at TVNZ, had to say.

  1. What is your favourite local campaign that isn’t yours?

I always love the Lotto ads – from ‘Mum’s Wish’ to ‘Armoured Truck’. Their latest ‘Lost Ticket’ ad is another example of brand storytelling at it’s best. These ads are packed with emotion and make you feel all the feels. We hear from our viewers all the time telling us how much they love these spots.

The Women’s Refugee and EightyOne’s Safe Night campaign featuring Miranda Harcourt is so effective too. Without thinking I went straight through and purchased some safe nights.

  1. What is your favourite campaign that is yours?

At the moment, I’m really enjoying our Great Kiwi Bake Off campaign for season two. I think it really reflects the spirit of the show – which is genuinely the nicest show on TV. It’s fun, family-focused and filled with heart.

  1. What is your favourite international campaign? 

I love Colenso’s road safety campaign for NRMA Insurance Australia, ‘Protect the Pav’. It’s Christmassy and it’s topical. It’s a different take on road safety from anything I’ve seen before and yet it feels so familiar, it’s an experience we’ve all had moving between different families on Christmas day.

4. What is your least favourite campaign 

It’s not bad, but it’s just plain weird – the Happy Socks Christmas ad featuring Macaulay Culkin – lizards, socks, child stars?  

I always look forward to seeing what John Lewis do this time of year. They’ve had some big wins in the past which really add to their brand power (like the emotional Elton John spot last year!), but this year’s holiday campaign was a bit of a let-down.

5. What is your own biggest success in 2019?

Rugby World Cup 2019 was a huge project for us. We’re really proud of the new faces we brought in for the production, as well as the new tech we utilised and the modern storytelling we incorporated.

6. For you, what is the most significant launch/innovation/thing of the year?

TikTok has really ramped up this year and I think it’s only getting started. We’ll see massive growth with that platform in 2020. I mean it’s the newest and easiest way to lose an hour of your life!

7. What should be un-invented? 

Facebook! I barely use it anymore but can’t bear to delete it. Given all the things Facebook has done this past year, what will it take for us to walk away? The memories, connections and ways of communicating on the platform are too convenient and ingrained in everyday life for us to easily tap out.

8. What do you think is the lamest trend?

#reallylonghastagginginsteadofusingfullsentences. That, and wasteful consumerism.

9. What are your best brands?

Locally, I love Kowtow for its clean aesthetic and sustainable approach to fashion; and anyone who knows me knows how much of a fan of Juliette Hogan I am.  J-Ho embodies quality and timelessness – the antithesis of the fast fashion which is having such a negative impact on our planet.

Internationally, I’m loving Adidas – the way they balance being leading edge with the retro and staying true to their origins.

10. Best stoush for you this year? 

Chloe Swarbrick v Boomers

11. Who are the Heroes?

Scotty and Stacey Morrison for the impact they are making at TVNZ teaching te reo as well as in the community championing language revitalisation.

12. Who are the Villains 

Single use plastics and companies who still use excessive packaging.  Has anyone seen the new Flixonase plastic packaging vs the previous simple cardboard box?!

13. What died in 2019? 

Thankfully, single-use plastic bags. 

14. What’s the biggest mistake marketers will make in 2020? 

Not spending money on building their brands. There is a time and a place for focusing on the short term, but building long-term loyalty and love pays dividends. The brands we see investing in emotive and adventurous storytelling are the ones our viewers call us up about daily.

15: If there were no laws for 24 hours, what would you do?

Play PG programming at 6.30pm. I know, wild right?!

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